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Resolved! Watchpoint help

I am processing a internal table which has got more than 10 lakh records. When I executed the program in background i found that the control is getting struck at record 89,998 and its stuck for more than an hour from now. So I started debugging the p...

Resolved! Help in a message pop-up

Hi ,I had a requirement where I need to give a pop-up message based on a condition.and the user needs to click on the help(question mark) in that pop-up to get the elaborate details of what they should do.I tried POPUP_WITH_CONFIRM and other similar ...

Resolved! Miro BAPI

Hi,I am trying to use BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_CREATE for MIRO transaction. Can anyone please explain to me how to use component PROFIT_SEGM_NO in structure BAPI_INCINV_CREATE_GL_ACCOUNT? (This is missing from the documentation as it is a 'late' additi...

Resolved! Error Message DBIF_RSQL_INVALID_RSQL

Hi,I am enhancing a datasource in BW with some new fields and i have written a select statement for populating the data into the added fields.SELECT SINGLE PARVW COUNTER PARNR INTO (I_MC18I30HDR-ZZPARVW,I_MC18I30HDR-ZZCOUNTER,I_MC18I30HDR-ZZPARNR)fro...

Open item management- prob

FrndsBy some of the configuration mistake, we are not managing the Check Out A/C (Bank Clearing A/c) on an open item management.But now we need to keep it on opem item management, but there are already some opem items, which was created at the time o...

special characters in report

hi SAP gurus,i have a transaction which is executed and picks the text from mm01 mrp4 view.when i create a text it is fine but there is already created material number which pulls the data as <(>&<)> within T.S.U <(>&<)> aaaaaaaaaa so this special sy...

Resolved! script with 2 pages

hi there,I have a script with two pages.........both the pages have windows..... header,main,footer.script is triggering well with header in both pages. But i can see footer only in second page but not in the first page. How to get the footer in firs...

Unblock/unlock a PO

I'm using the BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_CREATE, I'm converting a file that has a debit credit debit credit in it. The credit references a po. The problem is when the second credit comes around for the same po and po-item, I'm getting a 'balance of cumulat...

Resolved! sum of all order amts

I want to be able to find the sum of all order amts from an itab that I read. The total needs to be 12 digits left filled with zero and decimal droppeddata: totalorderamt(12) type n value the loop should it be totalorderamt = totalorderamt + tot...

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