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SAP Developer News, April 18th, 2024

Podcast Version: SAP Developer News April 18th, 2024 – SAP Developers ( CodeJam European Roadshow SAP CodeJam Event Calendar: SAP CodeJam Group: https://communit...


pallets in a shipment

I have to create an alv with the pallets (= Storage Units, LQUA-LENUM) included in a shipment.Please, is this functionally possible?Because, from a technical point of view, I have seen how to establish a relationship between deliveries and pallets th...

Question about view in sm30

I have created a view. In this view i would like to have a field witch have this properties:- Only in read mode when i am in change or display mode in sm30.- Changeable when i click on new entriesHow can i do that?At the present, this field is type '...

Header and line item tables

hi all, i have to display the line items from the line item table based on transtyp field . but for some the transtype field the line item table did not contain any values. but the header table contains the values. So For those transtyp i have to di...

Resolved! hi..

I need to send alv report to email of the customers..I have generated alv report.For a particular day the records of various companies are coming but i need to send collective report to individual customers about their information. what function modu...

Archive delivery document

Hi all,For some output type after sending the mail the Archive is working fine.But for a particular output type after sending the mail the Archive is <b>not</b> working ... i.e the document is not archived.Is this related any customizing..Please help...

Export to Excel

Dear Experts,When I export the output of ALV grid to excel using the option from the application tool bar of the ALV and also using the SPREAD SHEET option and not using LOCAL FILE, then three columns of the list are moved to the last in the excel sh...


Hello Friends, I am using this BAPI to create the document. this bapi is used with in side a loop, so I am trying to create more then one document .....surprisingly things work and it creates me the document, but when comes second time, then document...

Resolved! JOIN

Hi experts, I tried the following program.i got a error like 'mara-matnr' is unknown...could you please help me....TABLES:MARA,MARC.DATA:BEGIN OF ITAB OCCURS 0, MATNR TYPE MARA-MATNR, MTART TYPE MARA-MTART, WERKS TYPE MARC-W...

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