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SAP Developer News, April 11th, 2024

ITEMSBack to basics series on CAP Node.js - 10th episode Live stream series playlist: Capire documentation: SAP Community Challenge (SAP Build), Week...

qmacro by Developer Advocate
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SAP Developer News, April 4th, 2024

Podcast: SAP Developer News April 4th, 2024 – SAP Developers ( Community Challenge – SAP Build AppsDaniel Wroblewski’s blog:



HELLO FRIENDSAs we assign mandt field for adding default client of the system logonMANDT MANDT CLNT 3 0 Clienti want a fieldcreby like system user logon automatically enter in that if we create enteries in database Hope this is possible reply H...

snote + valid releases

hello, I am facing SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC error msg, and I looked in snote and got this no. 632501I have downloaded this snote, and can anyone lets me know how I can execute this snote ?seconldly there is valid releases : 46b 46c and 470, I want ...

Which One?

I am going to buy some books to teach myself some ABAP and I wanted your opinions on which books.1: The New ABAP Objects Book2: ABAP Basics3: Discover ABAPAll of these books are provided by SAP Press but which ones are the best for a beginner? OR sho...


Hi Friends,LOOP AT it_pa2002 INTO wa_pa2002. Wa_pa2002-sprps = 'D'. MODIFY it_pa2002 FROM wa_pa2002 TRANSPORTING sprps.ENDLOOP.UPDATE pa2002 FROM TABLE it_pa2002.The above logic is not updating the database table properly. What could be the reason?...

Resolved! write after screen

Hi. I have a question.I've created a screen 1000 with STATU GUI (OK, BACK, EXIT). And PAI for that screen is: MODULE USER_COMMAND_1000 INPUT. CASE sy-ucomm. WHEN 'OK'. WRITE 'some text'. WHEN 'BACK'. LEAVE SCREEN. WHEN 'EXIT...

Resolved! Remove Vertical scroll

Hi All,I have a table control with a fixed number of rows, and I need to remove vertical horizontal scroll bars. We are using ECC 6.00. I was able to remove horizontal scroll using table control. I am unable to remove vertical scroll. I even tried to...

Boxes in SAPScript

Hi,I need to create different boxes in the sapscript. The place to create the boxes are in the main window.for eg. there needs to be a line item box and as the line items finishes there has to a separate box for other texts.How do i identify where th...

Resolved! Fetching table based on a Field name

Hi,Suppose if i know the field name, is it possible for me to know the tables where the said field is available?E.g. BUKRS - CocodeIf i give this field name, i want the list of tables that has BUKRS as the field name.Request your help on this.Thanks...

sridevi_p by Active Contributor
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