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User exit

Hi,Iam working one userexit COPA0005 which having function module EXIT_SAPLKEII_002.Import parameters is I_ERKRSTable T_ITEMThe table is not refering any tables.My requirement is below1.Check if operating concern(I_ERKRS) is 0001 than go to step 2 el...

Resolved! SQL Problem

Dear all, I'm new in ABAP development. I got the runtime error for the following Open SQL statement: SELECT a1preis a1bedat b1matnr INTO TABLE it_price FROM eipa AS a1 JOIN eina AS b1 ON a1infnr = b1~infnr WHERE b1matnr IN ( SELECT mvkematnr FROM...

Resolved! Delete table records

Is it possible to loop through a table, examine each record anddelete the record if it meets a certain condition, all within the loop?Like:field-symbols <fs> like line of mytable.loop at mytable assigning <fs>.if <fs>-field_1 = someValue.delete ........

Resolved! Enhancement Spot

Hi abapers!!I'm new to ECC 6.0, and I've found that there's a new option in SE18 called Enhancement Spot.Could any of you give me an intro on what are they? what's the advantage on using them?I appreciate any info you can give me.Thanx a lot!Jesus

Error in LSMW IDOC

Hi,I am trying to develop and LSMW using IDOC Method.But when I perform Start Idoc Generation step , I am getting the following error message :-No partner exists with the name", type".Please could anyone of you help me with this .Regards,Sushanth H.S...

Transport issue

Hi,I created 3 RFC's and while creation, there is a zstructure, zfunction group for all these 3 and a subroutine in an sap suggested include for one of the RFC's. All these 3 are under 1 request. Even before moving to PRD an after the program is in Q...

Large file conversion

Has anyone out there had to deal with a large file conversion, i.e., the data to be loaded into R/3 is very large, too large to fit in an Excel file. Originally we suggested to the conversion team to put their data in an Excel file and we would flag ...

Error in Posting Documents

I am trying to post documents in FBS1 transaction using the Function module "<b>POSTING_INTERFACE_DOCUMENT</b>". However every time it is reading only the first line item and not proceeding further...Let me know how to fix this one. thank you. Below ...

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