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SAP Developer News, April 18th, 2024

Podcast Version: SAP Developer News April 18th, 2024 – SAP Developers ( CodeJam European Roadshow SAP CodeJam Event Calendar: SAP CodeJam Group: https://communit...


Resolved! Status of Process order.

Hi,I have one requirement where i have to find the status of the process order for a bunch of selected records. I can find out the status in a loop by considering one by one process order. Is there any function module for which retives the status of ...

Resolved! Reading XML with Flex

Ok I've gone through Ed's awesome Flex tutorial in the wiki but for some reason I simply can't nail this one. <mx:Label y="10" text="Craig's Movie List" id="lblTitle" enabled="true" horizontalCenter="0" fontSize="19" fontFamily="Arial" fontWeight="b...

Certified fresher

Hi All,What is the job scenario of a certified <b>ABAP</b> consultant? i am currently doing my course from Siemens. I have 2 yrs of IT(<b>Java</b>) Experience.What about the interview, will there be questions about<b> ABAP</b> or my past exp. (<b>Jav...

Resolved! bdc

can somebody help me out by telling me how to capture the line items in a bdc .when i record, it comes up as the line item which we select, but i have a file from whcih it has to select the line item number. so how do I do it. Please help me out. eg ...

Resolved! RFC Import parameter

Hi 2 ALLIn RFC i m passing user name or id for getting info abt it. but when i pass user name in small letters (as present in db table) , SAP converts it in CAPS , and RFC gives error i.e., user not found . How can i stop this conversion . plz giv...

RFC - java conncetor

Hi , I have to ccreate a RFC enabled function module . THis FM will be used at two levels. 1) For a R3 report that will direct the contents to a smart form 2) For a web application thta will show the smrt form in PDF format on the browser. I have no ...

Resolved! submit RSBDCSUB

Hi,I am writing a conversion program, which creates a BDC session.I am processessing the session from within the program using the submit RSBDCSUB with selection-table rspar_tab and return, which is leaving me at Batch Input: Process all unprocessed ...

problem with gui_upload

Hi All,i am trying to upload the excel data thru bdc recording method.after declaring table and internal tables i am calling gui_upload and in the file name i gave the path and data tab = itab.while executing the it is giving error message 'FILE NOT ...


i have created a class which has a constructor which imports the value of a and b.for this particular class iam creating an object obj1 by exporting the values for a and b to the constructor.then iam creating an object called obj1 and obj2 without pa...

Resolved! Problem with Dispaly data

Hi,I have to select records based on date range, if I press 'SELE' button it is working fine and selecting records in the date range. But if I press again it has to deselect the selected records, this is not happening. In gs_zchbox Chbox is not showi...

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