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SAP Developer News, May 16th, 2024

Podcast Version: SAP Developer News May 16th, 2024 – SAP Developers ( – The Open-Source WayabapGit – The Open Source Way:  DYK SAP Fiori applications usin...


extended segment

hi to alli added two custom segments for a basic type.i need to populate those custom segments based on the data existing in the sap defined segments.can any body help me regarding the above.can any body provide sample code or any link for populating...

LUW- Example

Hi Experts How and where to use LUW in Dialog programming, pls give me the step by step procedure and example about LUWalso. How to know whether LUW is used in a particular program.thanks in advance.RegardsRajaram

Resolved! How do I do a data type check?

Hi.I was trying to do a hashtotal for a table column. It is necessary that the table column only contains numeric values. Is there a way to do a data type check, before I compute the hashtotal value? Thanks.******************************************L...

Resolved! IF, CONTAIN

Hi experts,I dont remember how can i do this : IF xz99bw52-matnr like 'GP*' and xz99bw52-charg like N' or xz99bw52-charg like 'P'. else. endif.The error appears with the like and the * doesnt run.any idea?

Resolved! Select Query!!!

Hi All,Am using the following query to retrieve a record from a customized infotype table.But the highlighted portion in the query is not allowed in the Select statement it seems.Any suggestions, how can i retrieve the data based on the following con...

Resolved! For All Entries in i_tab

Hi Abapers,I am facing a problem while fetching the data from the database through 'FOR ALL ENTRIES IN '.Problem is actually there are 207 records in my database table But when I use 'FOR ALL ENTRIES IN I_TAB' I am getting only 179 records. Can anybo...

Service tax report

Hello evryone,There is a requirement wherein the selection screen has company code and clearing date. based on this input, the invoice number, invoice amount, service tax , payment document number, payment amount for vendors needs to be displayed.I h...

Resolved! set pf-status

hai abap gurus , iam useing set pf status to get secondary list for which i was select check box in basic list , i got the secondary list but i want to refresh the list when i use other check box in basic list to get other values ,help me how i can ...

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