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Resolved! alv report problem

I've populated an internal table which is showing values suppose like below. f1 f2 f3 f4.1 a b 101 a b 201 a h 402 b c 302 b c 403 c d 503 c d 60consider: f1 as matnr-article numberf2 as maktx-article description.Now for every new matnr (having new m...

default lenght

The default length of a field of type “time”(‘T’) in an ABAP program i;my problem is if upload the above question into sap instead of double quotes("time") it is taking # like(#time#) plz help me in that.

regarding table control

hi to all,PROCESS BEFORE OUTPUT.LOOP AT ITAB INTO WA WITH CONTROL VCONTROL.MODULE STATUS_0100.ENDLOOP.PROCESS AFTER INPUT. MODULE USER_COMMAND_0100. LOOP AT ITAB. ENDLOOP.please check this table control program code my doubt is--- here we are addin...

bsp application

hi friends, i am creating a bsp application program. in the main.htm page i am putting a text box material. when i click on ok button on main.htm then i should go to other page where i should display the details of mara table correspond...

Quality Inspection Plan

Hi all,I am uploading QP01 Inspection plan, it has multiple line items, my program uploading first page inspection charecteristics, after 16th row the data is not inserting and giving errors, i use entry RQPAS-ENTRY_ACT..not usable Can any one send m...

Resolved! Smartforms

Hi Gurus, In my smartform i created table with header and main area. Suppose if the data is not there then it should not display the header infromation in the form. How to disable the header part in the smartform when no values are there in the mai...

Numbering Logic

Experts Im having a problem on how to formulate my logic.Please pardon if I cant explain it well and let me show you an example of my problem.Example I have 5 number:shinemarymaryarenasgilbertjohnjohnthe above names are my data then I want to give nu...

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