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Screen- Table Control.

Hi Gurus, I have a Table control on Screen. It has 3 columns. Col 1 = MEINH Col 2 = LABST Col 3 = Character6 field When I run the transaction I am getting a DUMP.There was a conversion error in the output of fields to the screen.The formats of the AB...

Register ABAP Add-On in SLD

We have developed an ABAP add-on (AAK/Saint).Our add-on is supposed to register itself in the SLD, but we do not know what this means. Is there some metainformation we need to provide along with the add-on, or even some interface we need to implement...


Dear all , i have developed one report , where in customer pays through different modes , different modes here means , customer can pay through check , through coupon etc... in my code i have hard coded account no's , so that entry will go to...

Displaying ALV Header

Hi all,I am Developing an ALV Report in which i am unable to display the header part.I want to display the following details in the header.Can any one send me the code for displaying the following in the header.REPORT NO : 100PRODUCTION PLANNING REPO...

optimizing the select query

Hi All,I would like to know what would be alternate table or optimal way to make the following queries work in a more efficient manner.1) select sfakn from vbrk into table tl_sfakn for all entries in tl_vbrp WHERE sfakn = tl_vbrp-vbeln.2) SELECT vb...

Technical design for LSMW

hi folks,i have a functional conversion design for which i have to do technical design using LSMW method so now can tell how start designing what are basic steps to do and end it can please provide me the flow diagram ,sreenshots and useful links .

Delete command

Hello , I have a internal table and wants to delete the content from database table on matching records .The commnad i have written is : delete dbtab from table internaltable .But its throwing dump .Thanks ,Rahul

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