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SAP Developer News, May 24th, 2024

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Resolved! leading zero

hii want leading zero in my kunnr fieldfor exp. if user enter 324 it should be like 0000000324.pls help me on thisis there any function module...points will be rewarded..regardsrajan

ECATT - Help help help

Hi,It's 1 month that I try to create an e-catt like old SCAT .. but as you can see I'm not still be able .....I'd like to create a test case related to a SAP transaction, I'd simply like to change the vendor name (FK02), data to be changed should fl...

Resolved! Field symbols

Hi Friends,I have an internal table where I want to assign values into fields as below using field symbols. How do I get the value back into the workarea.DATA : BEGIN OF it_out OCCURS 0, m011 TYPE curr_tax_bvl_ly, m021 TYPE curr_tax_b...


Hi all,I need to transfer a file from one folder to another folder on a FTP server.I tried using fm ftp_copy, with as FILE_SOURCE the source file (e.g. /template/a.xls) and as file destination te destination file (e.g /upload/folder/a.xls).I receive ...

Resolved! Please help

Hi,I want to add records to a hashed code is:data: ipn_pc_zoba type hashed table of tpn_pc_zoba with unique key vbeln,wpn_pc_zoba like line of ipn_pc_zoba.loop at izoba into wzoba.clear wpn_pc_zoba .read table ipn_pc_zoba into wpn_pc_zoba wi...

Resolved! Optimising inner join

Hi,I need to write a report that will show the next delivery that is due to arrive for a certain article and purchasing organisation.My current SQL query is as follows: SELECT min( eket~eindt ) INTO dDelivery FROM ( ekpo INNER JOIN eket ...

Resolved! HR Infotypes - Delimition

Hi All,I need to delimit different infotypes (almost all), with all the records in it. Please suggest me the way taking performance of the program into consideration.As the function module HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION will modify validity end date record by...

function module

hi matesi need to create a FM where my t_outtab shoud be compatible to my internal table. that is t_outtab has some structure, now i need to create a t_outtab whose structure should be compatible with my i_tab ( internal table ) which has five fields...

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