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SAP Developer News, May 24th, 2024

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F110 output type

Hi frnds, I had a scenario to display the sapscript when F110 transaction has been run. I found the print program name as RFFOUS_C. I checked with TNAPR table and found no entries on corespondence with the output type. I want to know the applica...

Logic needed pls...

Hi, In my ALV report i need to display some data on top of page depending on the selection criterian. everything is working fine, but there is one field which has four check boxes. I need to display these (checked) checkboxes description on top o...

Loops within loops

Greetings AbapersI keep getting a runtime error where the system tells me that my program has terminated because it has exceeded the runtime limit. I suspect this is because i have a loop within another loop and they both take a while to execute. I w...

Resolved! printer settings

hello all, i need to print around 50 columns of output of a simple report program,on a B3 paper.for that iam going to SPAD tr. and setting my printer in output that iam assigining PAGE FORMAT(by going to tab paper tray info) cre...

Date Range problem

hi,on selection screen i am enetring the date range.i.e 01.05.2006 to 10.05.2006for this date range i am fetching material numbers to my itab.actually there is no material numbers for the date range 02.05.2006 to 03.05.2006 but i nedd to display mate...

Table Size Limitation

What is the maximum number of fields that can be accomodated inside a SAP table? What is the number of characters? Why and how the technical limitations arises to a table size? Can anybody give a precise and a clear definition?

update z table in background

hello all,we are having problems on updating a custom table in background. the situation is that when we run a background job with different variants, all the entries in the table is updated, which is wrong. If the first variant is executed, that lin...

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