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Resolved! Error Message Display

Hi Buddies,Can anyone guide me to display the error message in the status bar along with its input value stating that its not valid using message class method. Ex: 'Purchase Order 12344 is not valid', Here 12344 is a wrong input given in the selectio...

ADALA by Discoverer
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Resolved! Leading zeros.

Hi,Can any one please tell me how we will add leading zeros to a field.I was declared the field field(10) type c, in internal table.Now i upload the data from flat file to flat file the value is '1254367'Now for this field i want to add leading...

background variant

Hi all, I am working on a program where i need to change the variable values in the program based on the variants of the selection screen . The problem here i am facing is i am getting the variant name but i couldnt determine whether thats...

Submit Report and return

Hi All,I am using the submit statement to call my report. In my report I call another modal dialog box. My issue is I get blocked on the dialog box and the screen gets hanged. I have no option but to kill the session. I want the control to come back ...

Resolved! calculating

Hi All,How can I implement this logic with abap ? PNR PL P.Suba ROOT-ID ORGEH HJ Quota 200 0001 0001 00012128 00012128 02 81 210 0001 0001 00012128 00012128 02 34 515 0001 0001 00012128 00012128 02 64 551 0001 0001 00012128 00012128 02 80 82...


hi all,i have one table cotrol having 2 flds ID and VALUE. ID is input fld but VALUE is in display mode.also there is another screen fld TOTAL in display mode. it will show total of VALUE of all rows of table control.when ID is entered if it is valid...

Roles and authorizations

Hi All,I am new to Authorization Checks.I am having two user roles and a customized transaction.Based on user roles.. my transaction should work.So please provide the useful steps:1. How to create user roles.2. How to create authorization for them.Re...

Copy object

Hi,I have two objects declared as follows. w_document TYPE REF TO i_oi_document_proxy, w_handle TYPE REF TO i_oi_spreadsheet, I am calling a method of w_docuemnt CALL METHOD w_document->get_spreadsheet_interface I...

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