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Resolved! Table update/ Modify poblem....

Hello,I am trying to populate the custom table. Now after certain logic, I am using update statement as follows.Loop.::WA_ZKEYSAP-KEYROLE = I_KEYROLE-KEYROLE.WA_ZKEYSAP-ROLE = I_ROLE-ROLE.UPDATE ZKEYSAPMAP FROM WA_ZKEYSAP.::ENDLOOP.In every run the v...

Join+group by

Hi experts,I m generating a report in which i have to track all materails with PP whether there PO's are issued or not.For this i put left join b/w eben & ekebe.In where clause . i fetch data on basis of plant & PR creation date((getting data) .But i...

Resolved! search help

Hello Gurus,I am able to generate the data from the search help exit but on double clicking the particular line i am UNABLE to reflect that selected line in the parameter .Please help.Regards,Roshan Lilaram.

Resolved! source code inspector

hi all,recently i have come across this great tool, source code checks for all programming standards and programming guidelines as well..i tried to find any documentation on the tool if i could find.. but i just found

script error

hi,I am getting only one record for one page.pls check this code where i did the mistake.TABLES :KNA1.SELECT-OPTIONS : S_KUNNR FOR KNA1-KUNNR.TYPES : BEGIN OF TY_KNA1, KUNNR TYPE KUNNR, LAND1 TYPE LAND1_GP, NAME1 TYPE NAME1_GP, ...

Max function

Hi experts,I want to fetch records(PR PO bwart) against maximum movement type(bwart).Is there max function in abap or tell me some alternativeSelect PR PO max(bwart) from ekbe into i_ekbegroup by PR PO bwart.Is this code correct.Savita

Report to Excel

In the recent past, my team has received multiple requests to convert a standard report into excel for various valid business reasons. The standard SAP features mentioned below which lets you save the file does not fully meet the request:Option-1 (Li...

Resolved! IDOC not Posted successfully

Hi,We have a scenario in production where in one of the invoice document cannot be created as the IDOC failed for that as debugging is not an option in Production any other way to approach the same will be helpful.When we check the performance assist...

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