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SAP Developer News, April 18th, 2024

Podcast Version: SAP Developer News April 18th, 2024 – SAP Developers ( CodeJam European Roadshow SAP CodeJam Event Calendar: SAP CodeJam Group: https://communit...


ALV columns grouping

Hi,is it possible to group several columns in ALV grid to group with feature that each column has own title and whole group has common title for all coluns ?Example :Title for group of columns (group title)Col1 Title | Col2 Title| Col3 Title | ...

ABAP & SQL performance

Hi all.I have the following sql wich performance isn't good enough because one of the tables used in the join as a lot of data.So i Want to know how i can improve it ? SELECT DISTINCT ordered_prod INTO TABLE ht_data-ordered_prod FROM crmd_ordera...

Resolved! Problem with Write Statement

Hi Friends,Select * from ekko into table i_ekko up to 100 rows.loop at i_ekko into w_ekko.write : w_ekko.endloop.when i write the above code i am getting an error "cannot be converted in to charater type".but i want to display the all the coloums and...

Resolved! Select on VBRK

Hi Xperts, very simple, following query takes long time.......pls suggest alternative.SELECT * INTO TABLE IT_VBRK FROM VBRK WHERE ( FKDAT >= FIRST_DATE AND FKDAT <= LAST_DATE ) and VBTYP = 'M' AND FKSTO <> 'X'.

Regarding IDOC

Hi,I have wrote a Outbone codeing to generate IDOC and have executed the program, now where can I see this IDOC genereted or not, also please say me what are the further processEdited by: shipla 1 on Jul 9, 2008 10:02 AM

Resolved! Error in Call Transaction

Hi,Let me know why this issue is coming.I'M doing a bdc using call transaction and want to catch the error messages and throw back as code is PERFORM bdc_dynpro using 'X' 'SAPMV50A' '0101' '' ''. PERFORM bdc_dynpro using 'X' 'S...

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