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SAP Developer News, May 24th, 2024

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Resolved! RV_INVOICE_CREATE problem..

Hi,I have used FM 'RV_INVOICE_CREATE' to create a invoice(credit memo) by giving sales order.However I find that after execution of FM, the xvbrk-vbeln value is $000000001, but not the actual invoice number (i.e. system generated). Can any body pleas...

Performance issue

Hi All,I need to get the latest sales order number for Sold-to party and also for ship-to party. I am using VBPA table and fetching the latest sales order but it is taking lot of time.I have created a index with KUNNR and PARVW in VBPA table but stil...

Resolved! Complex logic in loop..

Hello,I want to write a very complex logic to achieve certain reuirement.I have an internal table i_tab with following values. Now when I loop at i_tab, whenever value is equal to or greater then '001', perform A. Just before when next value will be ...

Resolved! Passing values to workflow

Hello all,I've a report program, the output of whch is an internal table with a single field type c. (elementary internal table). I've schedule the program to run at a specific time in background. Now, whenever the program executes, I want a workflow...

Resolved! data dictionary

hi,i have created a table with 2 primary key and 2 non primary key in developement server.n i release my object production i wanted to creake one primary key and one non primary key in developement server. Is it possible?? what wi...

Resolved! Enhance when mb1a save&post

hi,guys i want to check the material and qutanty when mb1a is save&post. i use badi :Definition Name:MB_CHECK_LINE_BADIInterface name :IF_EX_MB_CHECK_LINE_BADIMethod :CHECK_LINEwhen i MESSAGE E001(zmb) in this Method,the screen of mb...

Resolved! Services (RFC's) and eSOA

Hi all,we are currently doing a project in which RFC's are called from an external facing portal. We have identified several services (rfc's) which will have to be developed. Now, in stead of creating for example two separate services for create and ...

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