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batch input with objects

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Exists a standard class to develop a batch input????

Any ideas???

Is it possible to create a batch input with objects??


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Hi there

Why not

just define your class in the normal way

decide what variables you need to pass

in the methods of your class call the fm modules bdc open, bdc dynpro etc etc.

Incidently the following include will have a decent amount of code for the BDC bits.

include bdcrecx1.

A good way is to start sm35 to record what you are doing on the screen. When you've finished go to your recording in SM35 and click on CREATE PROGRAM - it will create most of the code for you including the screen fields -- you'll need to edit a bit of course as you don't need everything that will be shown.

Debugging in the CREATE PROGRAM might show you a decent generic way of generating BDC's which you could easily do via a class.

Note however using BDC's is the LEAST PREFRERRED WAY of performing work and should only be used as a LAST RESORT if there really is no other way. A lot of new BAPI's and Classes are now available which can do away with the need for BDC's in most cases.

job done.