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Basic settings for Belize Theme

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I have a question about settings for Belize Theme and basic SAP defaults. That's a quite little thing, but I cannot find a setting for it.

Could you please help me to search it and activate?

1. On Belize Theme I do not have a shortcuts with opening new window like on this screenshot:

I just have a blank space there:

How could I activate this buttons there?

2. I do not have a signs before payment blocked like A Blocked for payment or B Blocked for payment.

Just a text without that. Is there any setting to fit it?

I know that it isn't very important, but it can standarize work with others.

Thank you for your help if you need more details - please let me know.


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if someone was also wondering how it could be done.

To reach out technical signs you need to activate 2 ticks right there: