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Barcode printing in Laser printer

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Hi ,

I am trying to print barcode on HP 5100 laser printers.On R&D I found there are two solutionn to print barcodes

1. Use Barcode.dll ( only with help from SAPLPD )

2. Use Bardimm ( Jet caps ) from HP

Is there any other solution to acheive barcode printing .i.e without using any additonal softwares/hardwares.?

Advance thanks for a reply ASAP.



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To be honest, I faced this problem some time ago and I couldn't find a solution which didn't include additional software being installed (and a licence fees apply).

I didn't even try writing my own program to act in a similar way (so we could save some money on license fees) as it would cost more than the licence anyway. If you include costs of testing and maintenance then it works out that the solutions available on the market are not as expensive.

The one we use works well but only works for printers which support PCL (most of them do nowadays) and requires additional software and some fees.

This solution is provided by GmbH.

Basically your barcode is transformed by the program sitting on your server (as a service). It is transformed into PCL format and printer processes it. It works on various OS including Windows and AIX.



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Hello Ugesh,

If you use smartforms, it is possible to print barcodes without any special hardware/software. Please see note 645158. If you are using sapscript, you will need to use one of the hardware or software solutions you have already mentioned.


Nathan Swenson