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Bar Chart Graphics

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Hi All,

I have a requirement to draw a bar chart with trend lines showing the current status.

For Example, Available Capacity as Bar Chart Columns &

Required Capacity as Trend lines,

X-Axis --> Time period

Y-Axis --> Capacity(No of People)

I explored CL_GUI_CHART_ENGINE and i'm not able to achieve my requirement.

As a beginner in the SAP Graphics part, I dont know whether is it feasible to draw the above in SAP GUI using ABAP Programming.

It would be great, if i get answers for the following questions,

1. Is it feasible to create these kind of graphs in SAP GUI?

2. What are the Transactions available for Charts in SAP other than GRAL?

3. Demo programs for the charts?

Thanks & Regards,

Arun Prasath Kumar.


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It is possible to draw bar charts.There is a function module 'GRAPH_3D'.For this you need to pass an internal table.

U can also create bar charts using transaction code SE73.

see the following link for sample code.

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Try this link


You can find sample SAP reports for graph and graphics



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Dear Mr. Benson,

Thanks for your reply, We have tried the custom program mentioned by you and also the standard programs for graphics. But we could not find any attribute which can be used to change the Chart type of a series to lines and another series to Columns. If you have tried anything in this direction then please let us know.

Thanks and regards,


( For Arun Prasat Kumar )