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If RFC is enabled for normal functional modules, will they act as BAPI?


Prajwal K.


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yaaa BAPI is also one sort of methods in BO of ABAP...

it work like interface but basically it is method...

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yes we can use that function module as a method for BAPI.



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hi prajwal,

all RFC enabled FMs are BAPIs but all BAPIs are not RFCs

so if you want to make Normal Function Module as a RFC - you can this use this as an interface in you Business Object.

Hope this clarifies.



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Hi Prajwal!!

if u enable any rfc to normal FM it will nt act as bapi.

Just FYI

All BAPIs are RFC bt all RFCs are not BAPI.

to know more about the difference between the two...

kindly refer

rewrd points if useful.

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All RFC's function modules are not BAPI's, why because the RFC function module must be registered as a method in Business object repository, then only we can call that RFC as an BAPI.

All bapi's are RFC's, but all RFC's are not BAPI's.

Also if you want to use the RFC function module you have to create the destination in SM59, for the BAPI no need to create any destination, you can call it directly as you call the normal function module