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BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE for Sales Order Item Quantity

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I Know this might be a weird issue becuase when it comes to this BAPI our common issue was the fields are not changing or updating.

My issue was i need to update/change the value of the Order quantity in the item level of the SO.

what's happening was the value of the order quantity is changing but not according to the value that i have entered.

The scenario was for example i want ti change the quantity from 10 to 12 instead of the order quantity to be updated to value of 12 it's being added to the previous value which gives a result of 22.

Old Order quantity value = 10

New Order quantity value = 12

Expected quantity result = 12

Actual result quantity result = 22.

It's being added instead of altering the old value.

Please help me regarding this weird issue.

Thank you so much


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Hi Paul,

Try filling the parameters Target quantity from structure VBAP and scheduled quantity from VBEP. Both must be same otherwise quantity will be added to old value.

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Hi Paul ,

Any solution for your problem. pls share here


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Did you set the right UPDATEFLAG?

' ':   Create a new sales document item

I:     Create a new sales document item

U:     Change an existing sales document item

😧     Delete an existing sales document item