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BAPI_QPMK_SAVEREPLICA (Create Master Inspection Characteristics)

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I am using BAPI_QPMK_SAVEREPLICA to create Master Inspection Characteristics. The BAPI is working great and I can get the characteristics to create with all of the necessary data. I am using the MSTCHA, MSTCHA_TEXT and MSTCHA_INSP_METH Tables. My only problem is that the data in the MSTCHA_INSP_METH table gets loaded into the table qpmz, but when I view the Master Inspection Characteristic via QS24, the Insp. Methods Button does not have a check mark beside it therefore I cannot see the Inspection Method/Assignment data. I can only see it through se11 looking at qpmz in the backend. I have looked all over for some type of tie/indicator switch, but I cannot find one.

How can I get the check mark to show beside the Insp. Methods Button in QS24 thereby allowing me to see the actual inspection methods data for this MIC?


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Turns out the valid from date was different in each of the tables. As soon as I made it the same everything worked like a charm!

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I need to create inspection characteristics using this BAPI. But I do not want to use table MSTCHA_INSP_METH

because I do not need to assign any inspection method or catalog. I read that this table can be empty. So when I try to create a characteristic I get an error asking for inspection method... Any idea?

thanks a lot in advance