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BAPI for parking a normal FI document (general) from outside SAP

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Dear Experts,

I have a requirement to Create normal FI Park document ( Similar to t code F-65) from a Windows .NET application running in the intranet. I think i can use BAPI for this function. But i dont know about the availability of a standard BAPI for this (creating a normal FI park document similar to F-65). And if there any BAPI exists for a similar function, could anyone tell me how to use this BAPI from a Win .NET program... like how to make connection with SAP, and how to fill the parameteres, how call the method etc...

If anyone has a sample code, or any useful documentation, request you to please share this. This will be a grate help.

Thanking you in anticipation



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Hi deepak,

BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_PARK could be appropriate for you I suppose.

Check the link as well for useful documentation.

Thank you.


Karun M

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Hi Karun,

Thanks for responding.

Iam using sap 46B. In this system the particular function module is not present. I think this BAPI is not available in version 46B.

Is there any other BAPI available in 46B?

And iam not able t access the sapgenie link. Could you give me som eother link?

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Hi Deepak,

Can you try with FM <b>MRM_INVOICE_PARK</b>



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Hi Vijay,

Even this FM doesnt exists in SAP version 46B. Is that Fm a BAPI function?

My Basic requirement is to call some methods/functionmodules from a Win .NET program, to park a document in R/3. So i think its a case of integration between SAP and a external program.

I hopr its clear.

If anyone has got some basic documentation describing step by step/'how to' for running R/3 functions from external program, and its implimentaion steps, please sahre.It'll be a great help.

Thanking you in advance.