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Hi Experts,

Can anybody please help me with the BAPI 'BAPI_COPAPLANNING_POSTDATA'. What all needs to be passed and any example will be great.



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Hi Praveen,

'BAPI_COPAPLANNING_POSTDATA' this method is to return planning data from Profitability Analysis back into the system. This overwrites existing planning data in the system (or, more precisely, the delta value between the old and new values is determined and updated as a line item).

You typically call up this method after reading planning data with the GetData method and making changes to it. To import the changed data back into the system, you fill the parameters SELECTEDFIELDS and SELECTION with data in the same way as you called up GetData. When data is being written, these parameters determine how the delta value between the planning data to be imported and the old planning data in the system is determined: firstly, the old planning data in the system is read in accordance with the values for the parameters SELECTEDFIELDS and SELECTION, and then the delta for the data to be imported is created. The data to be posted is imported using the table DATA. Since this table is also used to read data with the GetData method, it should also be populated accordingly when data is imported. See also the documentation for the GetData method and for the parameter DATA for this method.


for example, products A1 and A2 from plan version 001 are selected in the selection criterion SELECTION but table DATA only contains planning data for product A1, the planning data for A2 that is in version 001 and already in the system is canceled.

Hope this helps,



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