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BAPI_CONTRACT_CREATE handling more decimals than 2

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Dear all, I'm facing a task in which I have to create a contract in ECC from an external template.

The custom report runs fine as far the contract is in a currency that allows up to 2 decimal places, but when the currency has an higher number of allowed decimal digits I'm stuck on a technical issue.

Basically, from the FM interface I see that values such as the Target Value at header level are defined as CURR 11 2, that means, it allows decimals up to 2 digits. The same limit occours also on prices at item level.
According to what I see from the database tables backend side, values are stored as "multiplied" by a 10 factor in case of currency with three decimals.
An example: from the ME33K I see a price like "123,345" for an item in LYD currency (3 decimal places). But on the DB, I see the value stored as "1233,45".

So far, so good. It seems that a 10^x factor is applied in order to handle physically the value on the CURR11 2 field for currencies allowing more than 2 decimals.

The problem is: how to handle this with the BAPI_CONTRACT_CREATE function module?

I tried to multiply prices in input in order to make them fit in the dataelement CURR11 2, hoping that an auto-calculation inside the FM would automagically recognize that the currency LYD has 3 decimal digits and hence adjust the value in output (ME33k).

But this is not the case: if I pass 1233,45 LYD to the FM, the contract created reports effectively 1233,45 LYD and not 123,345.

I'm sure I'm missing something, can't think the BAPI_CONTRACT_CREATE FM cannot be used in such cases. Any guidance would be highly appreciated.