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BAPI_BUS2054_CREATE_MULTI and Too Many Lock Objects

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I have been asked to review an issue with too many Lock Objects being generated by a Projects System program.

The program is custom; however,it uses the core BAPIs associated with creating it's Project - specifically:






In this situation, the custom program is trying to build a Project with about 2000 Outlets and a template that has 4 or 5 WBS elements.

B/c of this, the system is creating and HOLDING 8000-10,000 Lock Objects while processing through the BAPI_BUS2054_CREATE_MULTI logic. The Locks are released following the COMMITs in BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT.

But our issue is that 8000+ Locks are producing a "Table Lock Overflow" error for other users that are performing different t-codes / processes throughout the enterprise.

Has anyone seen and has anyone overcome this issue?

In reviewing Projects, it appears that Project Systems is creating and holding the Locks to guarantee data consistency.

Our Basis Team has the Lock Table Max set at 80 KB currently - and they are reluctant to increase beyond that - especially for one, unique program.

Thoughts? Ideas?


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Alvaro Tejada Galindo


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Any Projects Pro's?

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Run Enqueue Trace while your program is executing and study it. Check the attributes of Enqueues which are not getting cleared at the end of each transaction. Call a Dequeue FM passing attributes similar to Enqueue lock.

Hope it helps.



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the Lock table can only handle a certain number of lock entries at any given point of time.

try using parallel processing to create ur WBSE, we are updating the WBSE in this way and are not facing any issues.