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BAPI_ALM_ORDER_MAINTAIN problem with component long text

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I am struggling with creating component's long text during component creation using BAPI_ALM_ORDER_MAINTAIN. If the component already exists and I try to add the long text then my code works fine. If I try to add long text at the point of creation of the component - it doesn't.

I believe the issue lies somewhere with the reservation number. If the component already exists, so does the reservation number and adding the long text works fine. What should I pass when the reservation number doesn't exist yet?

My parameters look as below:




Components are created fine but the long text doesn't exist. If I then edit the component after being saved, and add long text, it works fine.

Not sure if there is a temp number for reservation number?

Thank you,



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Why don't you try using both ways by backing up the code, anything you will have an original copy, and you will be able to verify through the tests which would be the best solution!!!

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I had a similar issue with sales orders: I couldn't save item conditions unless the items were already created, which meant a first pass to create header and items and a second one to add the pricing conditions. I looked up my code samples but unfortunately I do not have a corresponding case for ALM.

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Did you find threads such as Upload Order Operation's component long text