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BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST - Profit center / contr. doc ?

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Hi all,

I'm using the following BAPI to post a document in FI.

But I don't know why, corresponding profit center document and controlling doc. aren't created ??

If someone can help, plz.

If I use a batch Input for F-02, it works.




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Hi Erwan,

search in oss,

so far as i remember we had that problem with idocs (which use bapis too), but i don't know the oss note

regards Andreas

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Hi Andreas,

Thanks a lot.

In fact, I've find the problem.

I've filled the DOCUMENTHEADER-COMPO_ACC with the value 'FI'. In this case, the BAPI creates only the FI doc and not the other CO doc, ...

I fill this field with blank and it works fine.



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old Thread, exactly the same problem, but slightly in a different context

We want to use the BAPI to post from asset accounts to G/L accounts. The Problem is that if we leave the COMPO_ACC field blank, it doesn't work because the postings from asset to G/L accounts don't work. If this field is filled with an "FI", ONLY the FI documents are created.

Anyone have an idea what other value has to be filled into the COMPO_ACC for this case?