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BADI - tcode MASS / MM46 in IS-Retail

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anybody ever used / made an enhancement using BADIs? target is to update append fields of the article master (especially table mara) using tcode MASS or MM46 (mass maintenance tool) in IS-Retail or has done something similar? the business object type would be BUS1001001.

the documentation mentions MASS_SAVE_ARTICLE_USING_BAPI but unluckily not much more.

a hint would be great.

thanks rob


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Hi Robert!

In general update via MM46 needs two additional implementations:

a) User-exit to extend BAPI_MATERIAL_MAINTAINDATA_RT to book customer fields.

b) BADI to move data from MM46 transaction to table parameter of BAPI_MATERIAL_MAINTAINDATA_RT calling

a) Is done with enhancement MGV00003, exits EXIT_SAPL1001_003, EXIT_SAPLMV01_003. Both have some sample code in documentation. In the end, a lot of coding has to be implemented, but it's mainly copying the example and field name replacement. I guess, it's done

b) MM46 needs some help to call BAPI_MATERIAL_MAINTAINDATA_RT correct in 'extended' version. Here BADI_ARTICLE_MASS_RT comes into action (with bad docu and BADI level). But it's two methods are well documented (interface documentation). In short: first an internal table with customer fields has to be created -> standard will leave these fields untouched. Second method has to fill the customer table parameters (e.g. T_CLIENTEXT and T_CLIENTEXTX for MARA-ZZ_fields).



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Hello Christian do you know maybe how to realize it in for MASS transaction ...

Thank you in advance