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BADI or Userexit for T-Code MB1B on SAVE Button. Urgent.

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Hi Friends,

               I wanted to know the BADI or USEREXIT for T-Code MB1B.

I have requirement to check the moving average price of target material with all source materials on the saving the T-Code MB1B this validation has to be done.

Please let me know the USEREXIT or BADI which can be used for this validation purpose.

Or else do i need to do Implicit Enhancement. Please help me out on this Issue.

With Regards and Thanks,

Kishan Raj K


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Hi Kishan Raj ,

For the T-code the relavent package name is MB , by knowing this info you can Navigate to SMOD t -code and you can search the User Exist with respect to particular package in this case , you can find the below user exist with in this package .

MB_CF001  Customer Function Exit in the Case of Updating a Mat. D

MBCF0002  Customer function exit: Segment text in material doc. i

MBCF0005  Material document item for goods receipt/issue slip

MBCF0006  Customer function for WBS element

MBCF0007  Customer function exit: Updating a reservation

MBCF0009  Filling the storage location field

MBCF0010  Customer exit: Create reservation BAPI_RESERVATION_CREA

MBCF0011  Read from RESB and RKPF for print list in  MB26

In order to find the Badi : Navigate to SE24 and place the break point in the get instance method in the class CL_exit_handler .

Hope this information helps.

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Hi nabheet madan,

There are scenarios where there can be multiple source materials.

BADI MB_CHECK_LINE_BADI only gives single line item in import parameter.



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Check it will get triggered for each line item

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Hi Kishan,

Have you worked with transaction OB28 for FI validations?

In short:

You need to create a new Validation for whole document in which than create new step with precondition SYST-TCODE = 'MB1B'. 

Than you should create new exit in which you should read BSEG-MATNR and BSEG-WERKS values for every item, and with those values you should do SELECT statement in order to get values from field VPRSV (moving average price) from table MBEW.

After that you can easily compare prices of your items, and issue a message if necessary. 

You might need help of FI consultant if you are not familiar with FI validations.

Feel free to ask if you need further explanations.

Kind regards