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BADI_LE_SHIPMENT creating Partner function record?

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Hi All,

When creating a shipment from VT01N I am trying to update the partner function field values

PARTNER TYPE (PARVW) and PARTNER under the Partner tab from BADI - BADI_LE_SHIPMENT in SAVE method.

So I am passing

ls_new_vbpa-kunnr = partner

ls_new_vbpa-parvw = partner type

and updating/entering new record with these values to into CHA_SHIPMENTS_AT_SAVE-NEW_VBPA.

But some reason BADI is not updating values in the table (not creating record in table VTPA)

Can anyone tell me the reason? Thanks for your time.



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Hi Murali, the solution is when you fill the data in the structure cha_shipments_at_save-new_vbpa[].

Make sure to fill the field UPDKZ  with an 'I' or 'U' before appending the information.

                                                             "insert or update flag

w_vbpa-mandt = sy-mandt.            " Client

w_vbpa-vbeln = fp_w_vttk-tknum. " Shipment

w_vbpa-parvw = l_c_char_sp.       " Partner

w_vbpa-lifnr = fp_w_vttk-tdlnr.      " Fordwaring Agent      (in my case)

w_vbpa-updkz = l_c_i.                 " Insert entry in table.

APPEND w_vbpa TO cha_shipments_at_save-new_vbpa[].

Best regards.