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BADI for MIGO ( Material document change for Production Order goods Receipt

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Hey experts,

I am actually stuck up with MIGO BADI.

There are many BADI's available but i dont think any one would suit my requirement.

here goes my requirement.

When a Production Order is created in transaction CO01 , the system picks the value of the moving material and multiplies it with the quantity .

But when the production order is being confirmed thru CO11N , again the system picks the present moving price of the material and multiplies it with the quantity. This goods receipt is done through MIGO transaction by selecting goods receipt for order that is 101 movement type. I have been asked to get the value of the material at the time of production order create and then change the dmbtr value of MSEG table, this can be done in the badi at the time of creation of material document number but the BADI's MB_DOCUMENT_BEFORE_UPDATE, MB_DOCUMENT_UPDATE do not allow me to change the values .

The BADI MB_DOCUMENT_BEFORE_UPDATE does not allow any changes to be made for XMSEG table

and MB_DOCUMENT_UPDATE is passed by value and hence the changes are not affected after it comes out of the method.

Guys please help me as this creating a hell lot of problem here and i would surely reward the max points if answered.

here is the example to be more precise.

Material : Pen

Quantity : 10.

date : 01.06.2008.

TYransaction co01.

lets say at the time of creation the value of the material was 5 rs

a material document would be created with the value : 50 rs.

Now for this prod. order goods receipt is being done on 01.07.2008.

Let the value be 4 rs now.

so the Material document would be created with a value of 40 rs.

I need to make this 50 rs.

I have got all the data to do it but i am not gettin the coreect BADI, i just want the BADI name to change the DMBTR value at the time of creation of material Document.

Thanks in Advance.


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