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BAdI called after last infotype is skipped from PA40


Hello all,

I was trying to look for a BAdI which is called after last infotype is skipped from PA40 screen.
I am aware of HRPAD00INFTY but in this, PAI gets called once the last inffotype is saved. I need to know what is called when last infotype is skipped.

Thanks in advance!


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You can try using the BAdI HRPAD00INFTY_CUS. This BAdI is called after each infotype has been processed in PA40, including the last infotype. It provides methods to perform additional validation or processing for each infotype.

In your case, you can implement the method AFTER_PROCESSING to perform additional processing when the last infotype is skipped. This method is called after all infotypes have been processed and the user has clicked on the save or exit button in PA40. If the last infotype was skipped, you can perform any necessary actions in this method.

To implement the BAdI, you can follow these steps:

Go to transaction SE18 and enter the BAdI name HRPAD00INFTY_CUS.

Click on the Create Implementation button.

Enter a name and description for the implementation and click on the continue button.

In the next screen, select the method AFTER_PROCESSING and click on the redefine button.

Implement your custom logic in this method to handle the scenario when the last infotype is skipped.

Activate your implementation.

Note that the AFTER_PROCESSING method is also called when the last infotype is saved, so you need to include logic to check if the last infotype was skipped or not. You can use the global data SY-UCOMM to determine the user action (save or exit) that triggered the BAdI call.

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Hello pedro.bigoli,

I tried with this BAdI but in SE18 when I give this name, it shows a message saying that this BAdI definition does not exist.