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Background job status is FINISHED but spool does not get generated

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Hi all,

In the development system, I created a program wherein I am first reading data from an existing spool... Thereafter I will be submitting this data into another program via a new job. After this I will be reading from the spool that gets generated. For doing this background job submission, I first call the Get_print_parameters FM to get the print parameters in a variable lv_print... Then I open a job-> submit the program via job name and job number to spool using spool parameters lv_print and return to the calling program -> then close the job.... After this I read the spool data by getting the corresponding spool number from tbtcp table.... All this is working fine in the development client..... When the same program is executed in the Quality system, the background job gets generated and its status goes to FINISHED but spool does not get generated.... Hence I won't be able to read any data..... Another weird thing that happens in this system is that, after multiple failed attempts of executing my program and after several empty job creation, my program automatically starts generating the spool.... Can someone help me here to rectify this kind of problem


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Your program doesn't generate a spool, and you don't give any information about it. Seriously, how can we help if you don't analyze more? It requires debugging.

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+1. Also maybe there is simply no output to be printed. How would we know? Do some analysis in your own system. Ask a Basis admn or a teammate to help.

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Hi Jelena...Thanks for your response....There is quite a lot of data to be printed.....Like i said, I will initially be reading from an existing job and will post my background job...This does not generate a spool initially...When the program is executed after multiple number of failed attempts, it suddenly starts generating a spool....The catch here is, when the first background job (from which the initial data is read), is recreated in the system, the background job that I'll be posting again throws the same error (i.e., spool generation issue)....Has someone faced a similar issue? Please help

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Hi Sandra,

I think I have provided sufficient data about how I'm submitting my job. I wasn't sure if I was submitting it in the correct way. I have no idea what more data you are looking for. You could be more specific on what extra details you were looking for.

Anyways, I resolved this issue myself....Thanks all