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background ABAP program

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I need guidance in writing below program-

  1. create a Program with date as an input parameter
  2. Pass the date in table LIKP - WADAT_IST and LFART = ZEXM. Pass the delivery number (VBELN) in VBUK – VBELN and check if WBSTK = C. If yes then proceed or else no action required.
  3. Pass the delivery number in VBRP – VGBEL and get the Invoice number from VBELN.
  4. Pass the VBELN in VBRK and check following-FKART = ZIME, RFBSK is not C or E and FKSTO = Blank.
  5. If above condition is satisfied pass the Invoice number in FM to release the Invoice.

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What is the issu with this "functionnal specification" ?

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What do you know, and what do you understand exactly? (I hope you don't ask for ABAP training)

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Pass your specification to an abap developer (or ask ChatGPT)