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Authorization Problem in filling Set Up Tables.

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Hi All,

In SAP BI before extracting data I need to fill up the set up tables in R/3. The job that is being run to fill set up table is RMCBNEUA in the T-Code OLI1BW. This job fails with error message no authorization. I need to know the authorization objects required to run the job. I checked in SU53. It displays an object. We requested for that object authorization. Then we had again the job failing with another object. This went for 4 or 5 times and then only had the full acess. I need to know if there any method to find out all the authorization objects that is necessary to run that job in a single shot ? Since we are working in Production system we don't have authorization to use ST01.

Kindly suggest a method.




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Hi Rose,

you should have authorzation for SBIW and OLI* transctions to run the set up tables

and the object M_NEUA_AUS Statistical Setup of Info Structure: Application should have "*"


and to run in background you needs to have authorizations

this are more then enough to run the set up tables

hope this helps