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Attributes of the class /SCWM/CL_LOG are cleared with no reason.

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Hi everyone,

In one of our custom methods, there is an attribute (MO_LOG_STOCK) which is an instance of the class /SCWM/CL_LOG.

During runtime the attributes of this instance are cleared with no reason. (See below steps.)

Step-1: Inside the loop, just before the execution of line 196, everything is ok. (Below 2 pics).

Step-2: Right after the execution of line 196, the attributes MP_LOG and MP_LOGHANDLE of MO_LOG_STOCK are cleared.(1 pic.). (What can cause this? In line 196 we just execute a messaging.)

Stranger part is that, there is also another point (Didn't include here) which clears the same attributes even i fix the above described issue. And the strangest thing is that, this issue happens only in 1 client in the system. Not in the other ones.

Is there anybody who can share ideas with me?

Best Regards