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Dear all,

We are converting SAP Script to ADOBE Forms. We are having an issue when generating the PDF and send it via email. The mail is received, but the attachment is not included. The following message appears:

Symantec Mail Security replaced xxxxxxxx.PDF with this text message. The original file contained a filtering violation and was quarantined.


When checking the settings of the generated PDF, have noticed that the information on its properties contains different values .

The PDF of former Output type has the following properties

On the other hand, the new generated PDF output type has some different settings and properties.

By checking these values, I have had the “clue” that the printing parameters should be checked?

Have anyone had a similar issue??

Thank you very much in advance!!!

Kind Regards!.



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Hmm, the first thing I'd do is ask the security team just what kind of violation we're talking about.

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Usually we use the name "Adobe Form" to talk about PDF generated by ADS. I guess you mean you concerted the outpout of a SAPScript form into PDF (not related to ADS), using a standard SAP function module.

It might be possible that the antivirus is confused because you incorrectly attached the PDF to the email. I think it's the first thing to check in your code.

If you don't know how to do, please post your code.


Dear both

Thank you both for your suggestions and comments. 🙂

@andreaborgia I have already addressed this question to our Exchange team, hopefully the might give us a hint what's the reason of this topic...
@sandra.rossi, we are currently creating the new output type in Adobe by scracth using ADS service. The output is working as expected. :). The problem happens when attaching it to the email.
But, anyway, we would definitely take a closer look to the coding we are doing and will let you know in case of additional support needed!

Thank you so much to you both!.

Kind Regards.


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good thing I still have access to that account, careful with the tags 😉


Dear both,

I have just spoken to the Exchange colleagues and already have the information. For some reason, Firewall was considering the PDF's as a malware...

Now it's working once again 🙂

Thank you both for your suggestions and comments!!.