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at selection screen

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hi gexperts,

what is trhe diff between at selection-screen and at selection-screen output


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Check here.. u will get detail info in SAP Help..

At selection-screen output will come before selection-screen diaplay. after display at selection-screen will come.

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with this link you will get complete idea about the at selection screen events

AT selection0-screen on filed

This events will be triggered if you do some action on perticular field mentioned in the field option

at selection-screen output

when ever you do any action on the screen then this event wuill trigger

if you click on the field mentioned in the field option then at selection-screen on field will trigger 1st

if you press any button or enter button then at selection-screen output will trigger

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This event is triggered before displaying the selection Screen. (PBO)

So we can use this event to modify the attributes of fields dynamically.


It is triggered before leaving the Selection Screen.

We can perform the validations in this event.

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Hi raman, if u want do any validations for fields which u r giving input, u will perform under At Selection-Screen Event,

if u want to change the screen dynamically at run time like if u select few fields or any radio button, then some of your selection screen fields has to be invisable mode, this logic will write under At Selection-Screen Output Event for changing the screen dynamically.

now if it is clear then reward points, r i vl explain u more.


venkat reddy

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This event is processed before leaving the Selection Screen i.e. when the selection screen has been processed (at the end of PAI once the ABAP runtime environment has passed all the input data from selection screen to the ABAP program).

This event is used to validate the input provided through selection screen. If an error message occurs in this processing block, the selection screen is redisplayed with all of its fields ready for input. This allows you to check input values for consistency.


This event gets triggered for the first time when the screen is building up and the screen is about to appear. It gets triggered again and again for every dialog step/the selection screen is refreshed/ enter key is pressed.

This event is to control the display of the screen at runtime. lilke hiding the fields, making the fields Active/Inactive, to modify the field attributes. It is a PBO Event.

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