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Assigning text element to an Idoc

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Dear experts,

Here is a situation where I need your advice please.

When a PO is created using the messages (/output) 'NEU', the ORDERS05 idoc is created. My PO has all the item level texts

Item text,

Item Note,

Material PO text,

Info record note,

Info record PO text,

Item text (Quality)

Item text for SPEC2000,


But unfortunately I see only 3 texts in the idoc segements.

Item text

Material PO text,

Item text quality.

Is there a configuration setting or a development that needs to be done inorder to produce all the texts in the Idoc.

Thanks in advance for your advice.




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Hi Amit09,

On Each segmet E1EDP01 (line) you sould have segments E1EDPT1 with your texts, these segments have a field called TDID that tells you whant kind of text is stored, for instance

001 = PO header

004 = Sales order item text

006 = Bill item text

And so on. Have you checked if your idoc has these segments?

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Thanks for your response carlosrv,

MY po has only 1 item so i have 1 E1EDP01, and I have only 3 E!EDPT1 segements in it.

The TDID's for those are F01, F03, F06. I do not have segments for other text elements.

Please advice.