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Argh, Help please in using screens and Graphic Layout Editor

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So basically this is what I have to do.

1. Implement your main selection screen with a parameter (recommended: call it PA_INPUT) of type C and length 20. It should appear on screen as "My Input".

2. Upon execution, you will have another screen (say screen 100) that will present two options:

2.1 Display input as a list

2.2 Display input in a screen

3. If a user selects the first option, write the input made in the selection screen as a list.

4. If the user selects the second option, write the input made in the selection screen onto 2 separate fields on screen. Both fields are OUTPUT only. The first field will display all the characters in upper case, and the second in lower case.

So far my code has this.




It's not much I know. But I have basically no idea how to use screens. Reading on the tutorials, I've managed to create a screen 100. Editing its layout to have 2 radio buttons DEFINED as well as having a text beside them Display input as a list and Display input in a screen. I also manage to create a Pushbutton with Name of ENTER and text as ENTER with a function code of 110.

Now, I don't know how to proceed. Basically I'm stuck here. I keep reading this tutorial my supervisor gave me but her instructions were so vague that I ended up confusing myself. I know it may have something to do with modules but I don't know how to implement it. I'm not sure how I can know if the user chose to display input as alist or screen and I don't know how to seperate them? Any help or even jsut tips on this would be appreciated. and also given points.


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if you do not know much about screens and modules, try the simple way:




SUBMIT ZZREPORT AND RETURN. (ZZREPORT gives you another sel-screen)






PARAMETERS: (your radiobuttons or x-fields)



EXPORT FLAG (your radiobutton or x-field) TO MEMORY ID ZZFLAG.

Godd luck!


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Can't I'm required to use screens

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Try starting with Tcode ABAPDOCU and navigate into the sections on Screens, Processing Screens, and Lists, Calling Lists from Screens. There's also transaction BIBS with demo screens.


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Read - and read it properly, don't just skip through it - the SAP help at []. This should give you an overview of how user dialogs work.

Basically, a screen is just a layout with some flow logic behind it. The flow logic consists of a PBO (Process Before Output) section and a PAI (Process after Input) section. Each section will contain a number of calls to MODULEs which are effectively like subroutines and these will contain your code. The PAI will be trigger after every user input eg if the user presses ENTER the PAI code will run. The PBO code runs before you enter the screen and subsequently after every run of the PAI before the changed screen is refreshed.

There are lots of other elements involved in building screens, but these are the basics. As already suggested, studying the example screens in your system will be useful. Is there anyone else at your company that you can ask for help? I can't believe that anyone would expect a screen - even a simple one which is what this sounds like - to be built by someone with no knowledge of screens.