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Any BAPI available for Document Clearing using Tcode F-32?

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I have to develop program for document clearing for Tcode F-32. So I am looking for BAPI for it.


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Debug your transaction, and set break point on Class CL_EXITHANDLER Method GET_INSTANCE

when you find BAdI check in SE18 if the BAdI is only for SAP and if it is multiple .

You could also, easily, find program that list user-exit / badi for a specifc transaction. But the best option for BAdI is the debug

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i think OP is looking for a BAPI equivalent of F-32

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Hi all thank you for your support, I have achieved the same through BDC. But Now according to client requirements, I have to update ztcode through which I have posted clearing doc, in f-32 header data tcode field.

But when i am posting clearing doc using bdc it is showing FB1D instead of my custom tcode.

Is there any way to change this tcode? Because according to requirement they want to keep track of transaction posting using this custom tcode.

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Is there a difference if you run the bdc in background or forground ?

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No both the time it is showing standard tcode only.

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Hi All,

Thank you so much for your support, but at last I have achieved the same using BDC.