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Ampersand '&' in Material Basic data text converted from function 'READ_TEXT' in '<(>&<)>'

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When inserting manually in a material long text in base data the value & it is displayed commectly from MM03 but if the text is extracted using the function READ_TEXT it is instead converted in <(>&<)>

Do you have any idea how to solve or manage this issue?



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This is not about READ_TEXT. READ_TEXT returns what was stored. It's normal to have & stored as <(>&<)>.

These kind of texts ("long texts") are stored in ITF format, which is a "rich text" (bold, etc.) READ_TEXT returns the text in ITF format.

If you want to convert ITF rich text into plain text, my preferred way is to use CONVERT_ITF_TO_STREAM_TEXT. Line breaks are the characters CRLF.

See CONVERT_STREAM_TO_ITF_TEXT convert '&' to '<(>&<)>' | SAP Community

You could also use CONVERT_ITF_TO_ASCII as was suggested by SAP in some OSS note.

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This looks like an answer sandra.rossi