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AMDP Class to update FQM_FLOW table doesn't trigger via Background Job

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Hi All,

We have a requirement to update the value of Transaction Date in FQM_FLOW table with the Forecasted Payment date as maintained in the custom table ZTDFIUS_PAYSCHDL.

Logic to update the transaction date is written in the below AMDP class,
Class: ZCL_FCLM_APAR_HADI_SAMPLE ( Zclass generated via FCLM_FB_UTIL )

When the Tcode FCLM_FLOW_BUILDER is executed manually after creating a Vendor Invoice through FB60, the part of code implemented in the method BUILD_FLOWS_UPDATE gets triggered and also updates the transaction date in FQM_FLOW table.
But when the job for FCLM_FLOW_BUILDER is activated in the SPRO path the code doesn’t trigger.

Functional has activated the Flow Builder Job by adding FCLM_FLOW_BUILDER in the below SPRO path:
-> SAP NetWeaver -> Application Server -> System Administration -> Activation of Scope-Dependent Background Job Definitions