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ALV using OOPS

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Hi experts, I have basic idea about alv report. Now I want to learn alv using OOPS concept.

Please guide me


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Julia SAP Community Moderator

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Have a look to the demo programs starting with SALV_DEMO...

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First learn to search the Web:

learn alv using OOPS concept

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There are lots of demo reports available for ALV. You can access them through transaction SE38. Run those programms, play around, and analyse the coding. Use those reports as a starting point to build your own ALV reports:

  • Demo Reports starting with SALV_DEMO* are using the "Simple ALV for simple Tables" with class CL_SALV_TABLE Look for instance at report SALV_DEMO_TABLE_SIMPLE, which gives you three examples how to use SALV
    In order to get actual data for the demo reports, run function module BCALV_GENERATE_ALV_T_T2 (SE37)
  • Demo Reports starting with BCALV* are using the more sophisticated "ALV List Viewer" with class CL_GUI_ALV_GRID
    Look for instance at report BCALV_GRID_DEMO.
    Use report BC_DATA_GENERATORTOP (SE38) to fill the example SFLIGHT tables with data

There are many more examples for very specic ALV functionalities.