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ALV-related problem

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Hi Abap experts,

I have created a report program using alv.

Everything is ok but the only thing I am uneasy is that when I want to sort the alv based on a column, this columns data are partly displayed.

I will give you example:

Name LName

Mary Marc

Mary Data

John John

John Dalton

Eddie Eddie

Angala Angala

Assume data is like above.when I sorted it with Name field I see that just one mary is displayed as well as just one john displayed.

The other record mary is not displayed, it is empty up to another different data...

In brief, if there is many from the same record at a column,just one is displayed while others are not..



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Hi, post your sortcat code plz.

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Thank you but the program is dialog type and no meaningful to send the code.

Any helpful answer will be appreciated..


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Just check any filters are created for that aplication

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There is a parameter in the list attributes (I think this is where it is) which you set to say whether multiple occurences of the same value all show, or if only the first entry is to be shown.

This is done as some reports are clearer to read without the same details repeating on every line.

Check the documentation on the ALV - it is mentioned somewhere in there.