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ALV print preview problem.

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     I am trying to create my first ALV grid display and can get the information to display in the grid fine, but the print preview is missing most of the information.

Here is the grid:

and the print preview:

All of the fields that show up as X are type c or pernr. All data is passed to the grid from an internal table.

I can hover over the X fields and see the text that should be there and it displays the X no matter how

wide I make the fields.  Exporting to local files displays all of the X fields as blank.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

-Chris Moore


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how did you do the status?

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I got status by checking for error codes in another form and passing the icon code based on the return code into a table field.  I solved this one this morning, but I still don't know why.  In the employee number field, I had the leading zeroes displayed.  When I turned that off, the problem corrected itself.  I have been unable to find a reason why this is the case though.