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Hi all,

Can anyone help out in ALV-OOPS ?

pleas do send me some code so that i can learn.




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check the example program bcalv_edit_05.



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Hi Satya ,

There ara a lot of SAP standrard coded for ALV using OOPS. They all start with BCALV. So in SE38 please out in BCALV* and press F4.

Here is a link to the standard document on ALV

<a href="">ALV Using ABAP Objects</a>



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Hi Satya,

some links.

download the PDF from following link.

The ALV object Grid methods allow the same functionality as ALV grid report function modules but are displayed within

a screen (dialog program). SAP has provided a suit of programs which demonstrate how to For examples see standard SAP

programs as detailed below:

BCALV_EDIT_01 This report illustrates the simplest case of using an editable/noneditable ALV Grid Control.

BCALV_EDIT_02 This report illustrates how to set chosen cells of an ALV Grid Control editable.

BCALV_EDIT_03 In this example the user may change values of fields SEATSOCC (occupied seats) and/or PLANETYPE.

The report checks the input value(s) semantically and provides protocol messages in case of error

BCALV_EDIT_04 This report illustrates how to add and remove lines to a table using the ALV Grid Control and how to

implement the saving of the new data.

BCALV_EDIT_05 This example shows how to use checkboxes within an ALV Grid Control. You learn:

(1) how to define a column for editable checkboxes for an attribute of your list

(2) how to evaluate the checked checkboxes

(3) how to switch between editable and non-editable checkboxes

BCALV_EDIT_06 This example shows how to define a dropdown listbox for all cells of one column in an editable ALV

Grid Control.

BCALV_EDIT_07 This example shows how to define dropdown listboxes for particular cells of your output table.



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You can go through this program: