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ALV Grid in background with function execution

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Hi all,

I want to reuse the same function in dialog also in background, e.g. CHECK_DATA. The generation of the output list in background spool works fine, but no execution of this function. The method set_user_command doesn't work.

How I must trigger the events before_user_command, after_user_command to execute one function in background task?

Thanks in advance,



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Why do you want to do that?

If you run your report in background nobody can influence the execution of the program, so why don't you do a routine llike that before calling the GRID?

I think you can't triggered the USER_COMMAND event before listening the data, so you can't trigger that event in background.


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Hi Max,

the reason is to do the same checks as in dialog (I've put my own routine on the check button in the grid by before_user_command). I want avoid much work on splitting into dialog functions and background functions.

But you're right I can check something before calling the grid and will have no list output.

Thanks and regards,