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ALV Grid: dynamic/new fields by default hidden when using a layout

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I have an ALV Grid whose field catalog partially contains dynamically generated fields (i.e. columns) like "_200802" for months.

Furthermore, I have set a default layout to enforce an excel inplace view with a specific template.

However, it seems that all dynamic columns that were not present at the time the layout was saved, are automatically hidden and have to be "unhidden" manually. Whenever a "new" month is to be displayed, it is hidden.

Is there a way either to declare field catalog entries as obligatory (i.e. a quasi opposite of NO_OUT) or tell the stored layout to change its behavior regarding unknown columns?

A possible workaround might be to call the set_frontend_fieldcatalog at an appropriate event after the initial grid creation..?

Thanks for your ideas,



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May be u can try this way.

  call method g_grid->get_frontend_fieldcatalog
        et_fieldcatalog = gt_fieldcat[].
    perform f_rebuild_fieldcat changing gt_fieldcat. " Here u rebuild ur field catalog
    call method g_grid->set_frontend_fieldcatalog
        it_fieldcatalog = gt_fieldcat[].

    call method g_grid->set_frontend_layout
        is_layout = gs_layout.

    call method g_grid->refresh_table_display.

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Thanks, this was pretty much what I was thinking about as a workaround. However, I am still wondering whether there is a way to change the grid behavior regarding this issue.

Should I just insert this code after the initial grid call or is there a suitable event that I could use?