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ALV Grid ColumnType F display

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Easy one this surely...

I wish to display a column in the ALV grid formatted to 2 decimal places with no exponent. Therefore, as the doucmentation suggests, I have specified the following in my field catalog definition:

if p_fieldname = 'PERCENT'.

gs_fieldcat-decimals_O = '2'.

gs_fieldcat-exponent = '0'.


The field percent is defined as type f.

However, both fields are completely ignored and I have resulted in creating another type c column and WRITEing the result into it. The if statement is sound as I debugged it and all is well. I added the gs_fieldcat-exponent-key = 'X' option to test it as well and this was fine. I have also tried the two options on their own but no difference, I still get 1.000000000E01 etc

What am I missing? I am on 46B BTW.

Any clues?



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<b>check with the reference field</b> for the column PERCENT.

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Hi Judith

THanks for the reply. I do not have a reference field for the PERCENT field it is directly typed as F.

TYPES: BEGIN OF ty_outtab,

plant type qals-werk,

lot TYPE qals-prueflos,

customer TYPE qals-zz_cust_name,

project TYPE qals-zz_project_name,

year(4) TYPE c,

month(3) TYPE c,

total TYPE i,

passed TYPE i,

failed TYPE i,

-> percent type f,

percentc(12) type c,

END OF ty_outtab,

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Hello Ian,

looks like ALV is converting your field from type f to Type c.

What happens if you try a field "Data: percentp type p decimals 2" and "percentp = percent" ?

Regards Wolfgang

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As u r using percent type f,

it will come as <b>exponent</b>

Try to convert this type before passing into the output table.

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Hi all

As you can see from the original code snippet:

failed TYPE i,

percent type f,

percentc(12) type c,

END OF ty_outtab,

I created another column percentc. I used this to produce the output I wanted. I didn't see as though I should have to do this though when the field catalog has the fields to determine the style of output formatting.